Exciting News! We’ve tied the knot with STA Marketplace. Only our name has changed. Our team is still providing the same creative marketing and public relations services to all our local, regional, and national clients. Stay in touch by liking STA Marketplace on FB, and visit us online at STAmarketplace.com.


At b Marketing and PR, we help clients deliver their message to the world. We enable clients to realize their vision and effectively present their brand, identity or cause to their audiences.

Here’s our mantra and the key to our success:

b Effective
We work with clients to identify their needs and tailor strategies to fulfill them. Branding, promotions, B2B and B2C marketing, media relations and social media are just a few of the avenues we may explore to help our clients.
b Creative
We think inside and outside the box to come up with the best strategies for our clients. Our team of PR experts, marketing specialists and graphic designers work together to find the best approach to fulfill our clients’ needs within a framework that suits their desires.
b Ingenious
We are resourceful and imaginative in developing solutions for our clients. We also realize that sometimes reinventing the wheel may not be the best avenue for a desired outcome. Our proposals, strategies and tactics are based on research and experience – and most importantly, understanding our clients.
b Open
We are open with our clients. Clear lines of communication enable us to fully understand our clients, their business and their industry. This foundation ensures we surpass our clients’ needs and desires.