About b

b Marketing & PR has all of the capabilities needed to launch and execute the necessary marketing campaign to ensure your company’s success. Our holistic approach considers all facets of marketing and public relations to ensure a cohesive, streamlined approach.

We work with a diverse set of national, regional and local clients covering industries such as food and beverage, telecommunications, technology, real estate development, tourism and healthcare. Our vast understanding of products, industries and markets enables us to employ successful tactics.

We work with every size business including start-ups and long-established corporations. b Marketing & PR works within our clients’ budgets to customize marketing plans and maximize the efficacy of the strategies and tactics we recommend.

We have a team in place to handle every component of marketing and public relations including: effectively delivering your story, crafting promotional videos, creating strategic content, designing and optimizing engaging websites, managing social media communities, creating compelling collateral, capturing media interest, cultivating B2B and B2C relationships as well as enhancing your brand and product presentation.

b Marketing & PR’s experienced team of marketing gurus and graphic design geniuses ensure we exceed our clients’ every need and desire. Check out the Services page to learn more about what b Marketing & PR does and whom we have helped.